Paul Ponssot

Paul Ponssot was born in New York City in 1980 from a British mother and a French Father. He grew up in London and Paris and received a Degree in Biology and a Master’s Degree in Scientific Journalism from the university of Paris in 2004. After that, Paul opened a bookshop in Paris “La Librairie du Bonheur” specialized in spirituality, tarot and the non-human presence. Paul’s interest in the nature of reality and the Alien presence is due to his grandmother who was a psychic.

In 1994 at the British Library of Paris Paul stumbled upon “Mysterious Beings” by John Keel. This book interested Paul so much that he began study the whole subject non-stop. Through his bookshop Paul met dozens of witnesses, abductees and contactees, and he began to see the that those people were being used by a non-human force that was basically controlling our reality. In 2012 Paul met his wife who had multiple paranormal experiences in her youth. Since then Paul has written 4 books in French, and given numerous talks and interviews.

Paul has set up the site that is specialized in Podcasts in French and English on the alien presence, the nature of reality, time, and Fortean phenomena. Paul and his family live currently in the Provence Region in southern France.