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Omniversities are chartered to share the knowledge of our multidimensional reality and sciences. Universities are gate-keeping this new knowledge. Universities are chartered to study the establishment sciences of the Universes of time, energy, space, and matter.

Universities gate-keep the scientific study of the Spiritual Dimensions of the Omniverse such as the soul, life after death, the Interlife, Spirit, reincarnation, Spiritual Beings, and Source [God] as well as ExoSciences such as quantum access, teleportation, and time travel, and PsiSciences such as the study of psi, ESP, telekinesis, and telepathy.

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What does Omniversity offer you?

What are Exopolitics, ExoSciences, PsiSciences and Spiritual Sciences?


Relations among intelligent civilizations in the Multiverse, and Med Bed wellness technology taught by human contactees with Extraterrestrial civilizations and U.S. Secret Space Program explorers of the planet Mars.


Quantum Access Time Travel, Teleportation, former US Chrononaut time travellers, Quantum Access energy sciences.


ESP, telepathy and Psychic Development.

Spiritual Sciences

Scientific study of Life After Death [the Interlife], reincarnation, Spiritual beings, the Soul and God/Source], Omniverse Sciences and More.


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